Friday, November 15, 2013

Taking the Plunge: It’s More Fun with Your Barkada’s Favorite Characters

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Adventures instantly become memorable because of the people involved, not really the activity done.
At Sand Dunes with my friends
Our barkada is often present in all of our take the plunge moments. Next to family, we share most of our time with members of barkada. Each group has different characters, often friends from childhood or school.
Our barkadas are always fun to bring along to adventures simply because of the different personalities they bring to the table.
These personalities are what make each barkada distinct. While each group has identifying characteristics, each member has individual traits that contribute to the group dynamic.
What is your role in your Barkada?
First off is the “leader,” who was likely the class president of our grade school days. The leader of the pack is always on the go, drumming up new ideas. He knows the best places to eat, where dancing is fun, and when the next budget fare would be. He is not necessarily bossy; he just has a take-charge personality and a contagious enthusiasm about life and its adventures. 

A favorite member of the group is the jester. His comedic timing makes tiresome adventures exciting. The jester is always ready to make everyone cry with tears of joy and ready to break up awkward silences with silly anecdotes.

A barkada will never be complete without the glue. The glue is what keeps the group together. He never takes sides and makes sure that everyone in the barkada is ok. The glue is thoughtful and makes sure to bring the group together, with the suggestion of the leader, of course.

Other cast of characters to complete the barkada includes the brain (who knows everything about anything), the music aficionado (borderline hipster), the drama queen, and the barely there but still part of the group “maybe next time” person. All of these personalities complement each other well, thus turning even ordinary activities into extraordinary moments.

Whether on the go or simply staying in with your barkada, make each moment special with another barkada favorite, Nestea Ready to Drink (RTD). 

A barkada favorite from the 90s, its conveniently packed bottle makes it easy to take anytime, anywhere. 
Available in Lemon, Apple, and Lemon Ice flavors, there surely is one for each member of the barkada to take the plunge with.

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