Monday, October 21, 2013

Tips Every New Mom Should Know

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I still remember the feeling when I first knew there is life inside me.  I am very excited!  My heart is overwhelming with joy.  And despite my sleeplessness I exude pride and joy like no other. 
 But I am not yet a mother (I'll tell the story some other time). New mothers can become overwhelmed by information from many sources: their parents, friends, the internet, and even well-meaning strangers.

Credits to Bond of Motherhood
The number one rule for any new mother is this: don’t compare yourselves with other mothers
 Motherhood is a unique journey for every individual. Don’t feel bad and think there is only one way to get things done. You’re the best person to know what the best is for your baby, so don’t compare and feel you’re not doing enough or not doing it right. 
You’re doing it right, period

The second tip is for you to trust your instincts
Despite being new at the job, you have been gifted with the instinct to know what your child needs. You have this power because you are the mother. Tap into it and you will sense a better communication with your firstborn. If it feels right, it often is.

Another tip mothers should remember is to not buy every cute thing you see
Babies grow at such a rapid rate that most of the cute stuff you buy will be outgrown in a few weeks’ time. Only buy the essentials for your baby, and invest in pieces that will last.

Knowing what to invest in is a trick mothers should master. This includes researching to know what the best is for your child. The more you trust the products you buy, the lesser worries you have.

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