Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mc Jim Classic Leather: My Trusted Companion

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Belt is one of the many accessories of a woman.  
For several years, I convinced myself that the cheaper ones are okay as long as it is presentable and fashionable.

my 3 month-old belt
So I bought a lot of belts with a lesser value, with different colors and style and different sizes.  Yes, in that particular moment I don't mind the amount I've spent since it's cheaper.  But as time passed by I've noticed that those belts I bought didn't last longer....even for a month. :( And the total amount I've spent with them could buy a branded and stronger one.
I was so wrong!

This one is leatherette and the sales lady told me that this one will last longer (the sales talk).  It looks tough at first, but as months passed by, as you can see, its  leatherette peeled off (nabakbak) in the hole area. (If I could repair it I would. I asked my hubby to put electric tape on it but he refused.)

Because of my frustrations on belts, my hubby told me to find Mc Jim Leather belts.  I told him it's too expensive but he told me that Mc Jim is worth buying. So I give it a try.

Mc Jim Classic Leather
Mc Jim Classic Leather Belt

So I waited and looked for mall sales to get some discounts before buying this one.  So instead of P700+, I bought this one at 400+ big savings right?

So far, I am satisfied with my new found companion.  It never let me down.  She's on the second month with me now.  And I'm hoping that she will last like my hubby's buddy that is now on its  5th year.

Cheers to our relationship! :)

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