Thursday, September 12, 2013

Masuki: Delectably Cantonese

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Because of heavy rains last Tuesday night, hubby and I decided to eat something hot.  
So while walking at the LG floor of Megamall B, we spotted Masuki beside the Bacolod Chicken Inasal.  Since, we haven't tried their mami yet, we dined in.

To give a few background: they started their business way back in 1930′s at the streets of Binondo.  
Wherein Ms. Willen’s (the owner) father used to go house to house carrying the noodles to sell.  From that, he was able to establish a restaurant they named Ma Kong Mami in 1964 then later changed to  Masuki.

Special Mami P120
They're serving an old style mami.  
I really don't have any idea about that but I guess it's the way they served mami in old Chinatown.

We ordered Original Special Mami which is good for two (P120).  It has chicken and pork strips with onion leaves for toppings. We also had what they call Saipao (Asado) (P55) and Sanyuk Pao (Bola-bola) (P57), both are their version of Siopao.

I am excited to taste this one, fyi, I am noodles/pasta lover.  
But when it arrived on our table, I'm a little disappointed with its smell and its temperature.  I am expecting that they'll serve an extremely hot mami, but they're not. :(  
Maybe that was the reason why it smells bad and I could still taste the raw ingredients of the mami.

My disappointment banished after I tasted the Sanyuk Pao (Bola-bola).  I love the taste, very authentic and different plus the fact that it came in big serving!  Hmnn, I'm full.

Sweet sauce
Before I forget, this sweet sauce is for the Paos (Siopao) but could also be used for the mami to taste.

Masuki Menu:

Wonton Mami: Regular Php140 / Special Php150
Beef Mami: Regular Php160 / Special Php170
Original Mami (with chicken and pork strips): Regular Php110 / Special Php120
Beef Wonton Chicken Asado Mami: Regular Php200 / Special Php210
Beef Wonton Mami: Regular Php170 / Special Php180
Wonton Plate Php170
Beef Brisket Php180
Yatip Asado Php160
Special Siopao (Taipao) Pork Asado / Chicken / Salted Egg Php85
Regular Siopao (Saipao) Pork Asado Php55
Bola-Bola Siopao (Sanyuk Pao) Bola-Bola / Chinese Chorizo / Salted Egg Php57
Pork Siomai Php35/piece

LG/floor SM Megamall B
Edsa, Mandaluyong City

For more info: Visit their Facebook page Masuki :)

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