Monday, September 9, 2013

How I fell Inlove with Shakey's Salad?

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I seldom visit Shakey's Pizza Parlor because I am not a pizza fanatic.  But I changed that notion last week when my sister and nephew visited us.

Shakey's and Me
Since I seldom see them, hubby and I decided to treat them at Shakey's because my nephew is requesting a lot of stuffs like pizza, fries, fried chicken and spaghetti which can only be found in Shakey's, I think.

For that particular night, we ordered Family Meal Deal 1 (P695.00) consists of :

1 large Shakey's Texas chicken barbecue flavored pizza

Shakey's Texas Chicken BBQ
Shakey's Texas Chicken BBQ
a plate of chicken and mojos (uh-oh, it's all gone :((!  )

a piece of chicken left for me :(
a pitcher of iced-tea

In addition, I ordered solo Tuna Caesar salad (P139) because I wanted to eat light.  That was the time I fell in love with Shakey's salad. ♥♥♥

Tuna Caesar Salad
Shakey's Tuna Caesar salad
Shakey's Tuna Caesar salad is a vibrant mixture of crisp lettuce and refreshing cucumber slices served with Shakey's very own Caesar dressing topped with grated cheddar cheese, tuna bits and crunchy croutons.

I love their salad dressing, I don't know how to describe the taste, I just loved it and can't even forget its taste.  So everytime I crave for salad, I go to Shakey's and indulge myself. :)

I also ordered carbonara for a change. :)

Shakey's Carbonara
Shakey's Carbonara
This is my plate that night.

My Shakey's meal
My dinner that night :)
It was a sumptuous meal with a lot of chit-chats and photos.  I really missed them. :)  Hope they'll visit us again.

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